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Whether it’s repositioning Mountain Dew in the marketplace, forecasting the share potential of the Mach III Turbo razor or creating the optimal design for the next generation of the Ford automobile, we provide business insights that generate revenue growth. For nearly 30 years, Summitry Worldwide has been recognized as the global authority on Portfolio Optimization and we have worked on over 800 brands in over 30 countries.

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  • Navigate Your Business
    Navigating your business without marketplace intelligence can lead to misguided strategies.
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  • Uncover New Ideas

    In order to discover break-thru products, you must understand how your core brands compete

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  • Generate Growth
    Our insights have generated hundreds of millions in bottom-line growth for most Fortune 500 clients.
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  • Breathe Easier

    Our clients can breathe easier knowing they have actionable marketing strategies that leverage data-driven insights

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Who We Are

Summitry Worldwide was founded in 1985 by Niroo Kamdar, a former head of WW Forecasting, Analytics and Strategic Planning at Kraft General Foods. The core foundation of the Summitry Worldwide philosophy is based on the “High-Tech/ High-Touch” concept that was described in John Nesbit’s book, Megatrend. This philosophy requires us to use the Whole-Mind; Left – rational, analytical and Right – emotional, intuitive, and creative.


What We Do

Summitry Worldwide assists you in managing your product portfolio for optimum growth and delivers bankable insights that have generated significant ROI for our clients. We employ state-of-the-art decision systems, which enable your marketing managers to optimally manage their current portfolio, as well as identify potential growth opportunities.


Why Summitry

As part of the Summitry Worldwide credo, we uphold ourselves to delivering top-notch business solutions and maintaining the highest levels of integrity and honesty with our clients. It is essential for us to establish a sound working relationship with our clients in order to jointly address the business issues at hand.



"Summitry brought new tools, techniques and innovative thinking process to optimally manage our portfolio of vehicle brands”

Mr. Art Redmond, Director - Global Consumer Insight, Ford Motor Company

"Your “status-quo” challenging nature has provoked Kraft Foods International with an extremely powerful and dramatically improved knowledge estate/ business strategies”.

Mr. Chris Holland, Bus. Development Mgr. at, Kraft Foods International

"Your work determined the level of critical introductory support required for a breakthrough, innovative product like Venus...which contributed to the Gillette turnaround."

Mr. Jim Kilts, CEO (Vice-Chairman, P&G) of, Gillette

"Thank you for your fine presentation. We are hard at work incorporating your findings into our strategic plan."

Mr. John Tait, Chairman and CEO of, Penn Mutual

"(This was) Impressive presentation on our strategies."

Mr. Morris Perlis, Division President of, American Express

"You have provided the best inputs in our new product development process."

Mr. Richard Webber, Vice President of New Products at, DowBrands

"Very much impressed by your business insights and bold strategic recommendations."

Mr. Rick Lenny, President of, Pillsbury

"To me, this was research at its finest – moving from data and sophisticated analytics to judgment and a course of action on initiatives that will show up in the marketplace."

Mr. Robert Drane, V.P. of New Product Development at, Oscar Mayer

“Your work is going to have a major impact on how we think about the business."

Mr. Steve Sadove, President of, Clairol

“I continue to be very impressed by you and appreciate your insights and extra efforts to make timeliness.”

Ms. Betsy Holden, CEO, Kraft Foods

"Your recommendations are consistent with most of the strategies we are currently executing and also gives us new directions to compete more effectively."

Ms. Kathy Dwyer, President of, Revlon

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