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Your Value Structure Defines Your Company

Posted by Niroo Kamdar

The universal laws of nature work in three dimensions: Time, Space, and Motion. Each dimension has a vector - magnitude and direction. Most of us are not as cognizant of the dimensionality of Motion, as we are of the Time and Space. The magnitude of Motion varies between rest (zero motion) and the maximum velocity of an object. Its directions could be downward, upward, or in the same plane. All objects go through constant movement between rest and motion, composing and decomposing.

In the old days, people used mills to extract oil from the peanuts or grind grains to flour. This mill had two huge earthen wheels on top of each other; a shaft linked to the top wheel and a bull with blinders at the other end. The carrots were attached at a fixed distance from the bull. As the bull moved to grab the carrots (which it could never reach), the upper wheel moved in a circular motion. The bull constantly moved in a circular motion, ending up where it began. Quite a few of us feel like this bull; constantly moving and getting exhausted without making any progress. In Sanskrit, this motion is called Gati – an aimless motion without any progress. On the other hand, an upward motion is called Pragati”.  To transform Gati (circular motion) to Pragati  (upward motion), requires that we move away from the periphery and get to the Center. The Center is our core, the Source, the Indweller, the Consciousness, the Atman.

Through more than 45 years of my business life, I have learned from, shared with, and guided many people. They have been my seniors, superiors, subordinates, peers, and business acquaintances. Some of them were older than me and no longer in the business world, while other peers have moved up to the C-suite over time. They are all bright stars in the galaxy of my memory lane: Jim Kilts, Irene Rosenfeld, Bob Seelert, Rick Lenny, John Bowlin, Betsy Holden, Roger Deromedi, Eileen Serra, Peter Klein, Steve Sadove, Steve Price, John Tait, Dick Kropp, Dave and Ben Butler, Anil Arora, Joe Plummer, Kathy Dwyer, Chris Policinsky, Vithala Rao, Art Redmond, and Satish Korde.

The synchronal combination of these coordinates on the three dimensions of Time, Space, and Motion, along with the chain of actions and reactions with people, places and events form our Karmic composition. The karmic composition is the DNA of his or her Value Structure.  An entrepreneur creates an organization in the image that reflects their value structure.

My value structure led to the creation of Summitry Worldwide close to 30 years ago and represents the following: Integrity of results, Passion for growth and the Joy of working with clients.