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Why Pay Significant $'s For Consumer Insights?

Posted by Asim Kamdar


Based on a recent Summitry study of MR/ Analytic professionals, we identified a high-demand for delivering rich and robust consumer insights that fall within budgetary constraints. The general consensus was that individuals wanted data on their respective brands/ category, while not having to break their budget.

To this end, we are launching a series of Custom, Multi-Client Research Reports in selected categories that will provide detailed brand/ category insights. Included will be: Usage Domains, Need States, Consumer Segmentation and Hierarchical Purchase Structures.

As a beta-launch, we are creating reports in 2 industries: Cold Beverages (Non-Alcoholic & Alcoholic Beverages) and Sauces/ Enhancers/ Seasonings that will be ready for purchase in Sept. 2014. Included will be full set of data tables.

You can read more about these reports at the following:

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