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           Niroo Kamdar - Founder/ CEO of Summitry Worldwide

The core foundation of the Summitry Worldwide philosophy is based on the “High-Tech/ High-Touch” concept that was described in John Nesbit’s book, Megatrend. This philosophy requires us to use the Whole-Mind; Left – rational, analytical and Right – emotional, intuitive and creative.                   

Technologically Advanced Marketing Decision Systems

Using technologically advanced marketing decision systems, senior-level corporate experience, and creative processes, Summitry Worldwide provides a unique and highly valuable resource to our clients spanning the globe.  From their "christening" project working with Dow Chemical Company, Summitry Worldwide demonstrated its revolutionary perspective on marketing. Summitry Worldwide bridged the "gap" that existed between marketing research, strategic planning, and marketing. To gain a deeper insight into the consumer mindset, Summitry Worldwide broadened the prevalent purchase-based market structure with the introduction of the Honeycomb Portfolio Optimizersm. We coined and developed an innovative Usage-Domain structure to broaden the frame-of-reference, and integrated need states, benefit structure, consumer segmentation, and brand personality to provide a holistic insight into broad consumer behavior, attitudes and needs. We translate huge, insurmountable quantities of data into tangible, action-oriented solutions that would assist management in charting a sound marketing course for their portfolio.

From there, word-of-mouth began to spread throughout the business world and the Summitry reputation began to grow worldwide. Summitry Worldwide has helped corporate clients in USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa to grow their revenue and profit. The high-caliber clients are from diverse industries: Foods, Beverages, Automobiles, Fashion, Household Goods, Health and Beauty Aids, Pharmaceuticals, and Financial Services.

Summitry Worldwide has accomplished a lot and looks forward to continued growth with innovative approaches using the Whole-Mind, High-Tech/High-Touch philosophy to redefine the World of Marketing.