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                          Proven Bottom-Line Growth

Challenge: How do you know if you have a successful brand like the Mustang or a disaster like the Edsel? The problem of designing any vehicle (Car, SUV, Van, Truck) with the optimal combination of features (MPG, Braking,Performance, Drive Type, etc.) for a specific consumer target market at the right price point, has baffled Ford and other auto manufacturers since their inception.
Solution:Summitry was commissioned to develop the Global Portfolio Market Structure for the vehicle market (Passenger  SUV, Van, Sport, Truck) across  the entire brand portfolio (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo) in order to create the strategic platform for the optimal positioning of the flagship brand/ sub-brands and the individual models.
Results: Our work was highly respected by senior-level management for a number of years and served as a catalyst in re-engineering their businesses. Our recommendations to reduce the excessive reliance on the Truck division and consolidation of select models/ divisions, has gone a long way in helping Ford Motor Company sustain its business in the difficult auto industry (unlike GM and Chrysler).
Challenge: How do you develop a broad competitive frame-of-reference to strategically align a global product portfolio and provide a blueprint for launcing new products?
Solution: Summitry developed an innovative and revolutionary process that coined the nomenclature called  “Usage Domains” to provide a very broad strategic roadmap for managing multiple product portfolios. Using this advanced and proprietary technology, Summitry designed theThe World of Foods", “The World of Beverages and The World of Snacksfor the entire Kraft Foods global portfolio. This marketplace innovation has served as a foundation for all strategic planning efforts at Kraft Foods since its the introduction by Summitry.
Results: Former CEO's, Jim Kilts and Betsy Holden,  have specifically recognized the extra-ordinary contributions made by Summitry to Kraft Foods/ Nabisco/ Miller profit and volume growth.
Challenge: How do you optimally position Penn Mutual to a specific target segment?
Solution: Summitry developed targeting strategies (Consumer Segmentation) and conducted Benefit/Need State Analyses to assist management with growth strategies for the Insurance business and provide better management of their financial subsidiary, Janney Montgomery Scott
Results: John Tait, former Penn Mutual/ JMS Chairman commented, “Now we have clarity of our mission and well designed strategies to manage our portfolio with focused messaging”.
Challenge: How do you design a new Hair Color brand with out-of-the-box thinking?
Solution: Summitry designed a study, which resulted in showing Clairol the extra-ordinary appeal of the “natural ingredients/ natural look”; giving birth to Natural Instincts. In addition, a brand personality study determined the need to reposition Herbal Essence as a free-spirited, sensual brand.
Results: Natural Instincts gained the highest market share of any introductory hair-coloring product at that time. The Herbal Essence franchise grew dramatically, becoming an important brand in the portfolio and later was sold to Proctor and Gamble.
Challenge: How do you develop a new frozen pizza with broad brand equity to compete with the fresh carryout created at a pizzeria?
Solution: We recommended a creative strategy based on insights gleaned from work completed on the Usage/ Situational Domains and Market Structure Hierarchy – have a clear, meaningful visualization that emulates the experience and taste of homemade pizza. Integrated with our insights, the new brand campaign resulted in the “Rising” pizza, with the positioning: “It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno...Delissio!”
Results:The brand delivered $200mm in retail sales significantly surpassing the Kraft’s criterion of $100 million new brand. The whole division recently sold by Kraft Foods to Nestle for $3.7 billion.